Concrete Pipe Lifter – RVD-ECO


Concrete Pipe Lifter RVD-4-ECO

Order-Number: 44000105

50% Time Savings in Pipe Handling by 1 man operation

The universal installation device for unloading, transport and installation of steel reinforced concrete pipes (such as sewer pipes) w/diameters

from 300 to 1.200 mm and a maximum weight of 4 tons.

There is no need for using slings or chains. By means of the mechanical clamping mechanism pipes cannot slip off thus accurate placement
can be easily effected.

  • Flexible: The pipe lifter RVD-4-ECO can be simply attached to any excavator via the integrated, universal flange plate, using a
    quick-hitch coupling
  • Simple to use: autonomous, simple pick-up of the pipe lifter through the digger driver, requires no mounting procedure, short training time for employees
  • Safe: no personal needed for pick-up and put down the pipes, thus heavy reduction in potential hand/injuries
  • Profitable: very short payback period and excellent return on investment due to 50% saving on installation time