FLIEGUAN®-ERGO-STICK FXES-25 Tile and Slab Laying Device


The new vacuum laying device for laying slabs and tiles by hand and on 2 wheels, in a way that is simple, smooth and easy on the back.

  • Made of aluminium, therefore light and manageable with a dead weight of 6 kg.
  • Can be connected to standard industrial vacuum cleaners* using the vacuum hose and connecting cone supplied, or directly to the SPEEDY with the vacuum hose. One easy finger movement opens a vacuum valve to release the tile/slab.
  • The distance from wheel axle to suction plate can be adjusted depending on the slab size. Max. tile size approx. 1,000 x 1,000 mm.
  • With wheel set as standard. This can be converted quickly and easily from slab to tile laying, so that the tile can be positioned with a slight forward tilt when moved.
  • With smooth plastic wheels with rubber treads.
  • The wheel set can be removed completely in a few steps, for example in order to lay light tiles or slabs.
  • By means of the quick release, the working height of the FXES-25 can be adjusted individually.
  • In addition, the handle can be set to the optimal, ergonomic working position using 2 wing nuts.

Scope of delivery for FXES-25: 
1 x feed hose of DN 32 (internal diameter 32 mm) 5 m long, 2 x connecting cone for different commercially standard industrial vacuum cleaners, 1 x expander tensioner, 1.5 m long.

*wet/dry vacuum cleaner with bypass valve for permanent cooling